Unit 6…What is Art?


Warm Up (2/20/2014):

“What makes Kim Kardashian and the Dalai Lama different?”…Create a “T” chart or write at least 1/2 page

Unit 6 Research Project…

Step 1:  Print out two research articles from the following links and choose 4 quotes. (CCSS RI.7)

The Monkey Artist HoaxArt by Animals  , Can Animals Create Art?

Step 2:  Complete the Paraphrase Worksheet.  You may either cut and paste your quotes onto your worksheet electronically or literally to complete this project. (CCSS RI.5)

Step 4 DUE FEBRUARY 27TH:  Alone or with a partner, complete a PowerPoint presentation (at least 6 slides) about art created by animals.  You must represent at least four “artists” by including the following:

  1. A sample of their “artwork”
  2. A short biographical description of the artist.
  3. How the art was collected/exhibited etc.. (CCSS SL.5)

Step 5:  You must write a two paragraph argument explaining how you feel about animal art (whether or not you consider it art) using two paraphrased quotes from your worksheet as evidence for your argument.  (CCSS W.1)

Step 6 DUE MARCH 6TH:  Post your argument in our class blog at EDMODO.com using group code

NEW CODE!!!  zujt3u .

Animal Art Links:




Unit 6 reading assignment…

Step 1:  Watch Brave New World Intro

Step 2:  Watch Little Albert Video

Step 3:  Read Brave New World Chapters 1 & 2 (pages 1-29)

Step 4:  Complete Literary Circle Worksheets Roles 1-4

Step 5:  Complete Pages 1 && 2 of your READING JOURNAL…Write a 1 page summary of what you read and a 1 page reflection (how did it make you feel/what do YOU think about what you read). (CCSS W.10)

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